Sunday, 14 January 2018

Just the Tonic...

Well - I've discovered Tonic Studios' products in a big way! I'm absolutely loving the Nuvo drops and the monthly craft kits are basically craft porn in a box!

So now my doses of bliss and crafting happiness are split through the month! Tonic Craft Kit the first week of the month, followed on the 15th by my Kit and Clowder colouring class.

This week I used the die set from the craft kit with one of the images I coloured, just to make a bit of something colourful to brighten up the dreary wet January days.

I'm sorry the picture quality isn't great but that's the problem with glass. Can you see where I've used the Nuvo drops?

I'm going to blog a whole lot more now and will share my colouring and crafting with you - hope 2018 is looking fabulous for you so far! I'm waiting for my next colouring class with bated breath! 24 hours to go! Eeek

Monday, 25 December 2017

Happy Christmas 2017!

Gosh has it really been that long since my last post?

Here's Blaze opening his Christmas presents!

Hope you have a fabulous day and lots of love from us to you and yours!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

November Class - Christmas Gifts

Hi there,

The clocks went back yesterday so it'll be dark an hour earlier but just now the sun is streaming through the window.

I'm biting the bullet and going to run a class in November. I only have about 8 spaces left available and we're making some fabulous Gift Wrapping!

Were going to make a super little gift card holder.

A sweet little Pillow Box - Ideal for small items of jewellery or something else for a stocking.

And finally this fun hexagonal box... just crying out for some sweet treats!

If you think you might like to come along I have 3 dates available. The 13th, 20th or the 27th of November. Give me a call to book or pop me an email! The details are in the header above.

Can you believe Christmas is only a few weeks away now! How did that happen?

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


I can't believe it's nearly a month since I posted!

Still suffering with my back but this week I did manage to make a start on a markers class with Kit and Clowder.

Unfortunately I wasn't happy with the results and here is why!

I had opted to use some 'cheaper' card stock that someone suggested might be suitable for markers, but unfortunately, this months' class was quite detailed and I noticed the markers were bleeding. You can see here, where these were supposed to be fine lines... easily achievable with Copics with practice.

You can see the 'spread' of the ink.

There are a number of things to take from this...

  • It is important to always buy the 'tools' most suited to the job in hand
  • Cutting corners to save money isn't always cost effective
  • Be patient, improvement comes with practice and that includes making mistakes
  • Trust in the advice of the experts - that's why they're experts.

It is important too to look at the positives! 

  • I have learnt an important lesson
  • I will have the opportunity to improve my colouring even further with the extra practice
  • No practice is ever wasted
  • I have been able to 'recycle' my penguins and made 3 awesome cards!

I'm entering these in the Whimsy challenge!

That's me for today! Happy crafting! xxx

Friday, 29 September 2017

Aaaand - Back in the room!

I need to be more positive, so I'm going to make one brief mention about my back problem... Yes it hurts... still! It's curbing my activity as I can't sit down, the Chiro is costing me a fortune I'm lucky I have a few bits I have had on my hard drive for a while to share.

I'm going to try and blog more! I've been back from holiday for a week - it was hot... I was prone and I wish I was still there. Even if I did spend most of it flat on my back!

Today I have a video tutorial for you. Please let me know if there is anything you would like a video for - just add a comment on this post and if it's possible I'll do it for you!

This is a little shaker card I made and I know they're quite popular... this is a Christmas design but you can substitute any of the stamps! And the paper!

Here's the tutorial! Enjoy! And I'll be back soon! xxx

Thursday, 24 August 2017


I always get a little confused as to what is and isn't "Ironic" - especially after Alanis Morrisette got so much stick.

Anyway - Thought for today...

Is it considered irony that when I planned to give up smoking after the packet was finished... with 3 cigarettes left, the lighter ran out of gas?

Couldn't leave you without something else I've been working on...

Pencils... yipes - if I thought the alcohol markers were a new challenge - who would have thought pencils would be so hard to master!

How are you liking the new style blogging? Would love to hear your thoughts! I would also love for you to share my blog... so please feel free to post me all over t'interweb!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Dog gone...


Well I've decided to shake up my blog a bit and today is as good a day as any!

I'm broken... yup - completely knackered!

It's seems I've managed to do something to one of my discs in my spine... So I'm pretty much prone, and have been for a week now. Sitting is the most painful thing ever and for goodness sake don't ask me to bend!

Blaze has gone to stay with my parents... which he is loving as he's playing 24/7 with their collie puppy. That way he will get walked.

Now I don't know if you've ever had a problem with your back but I now know why pregnant women are taught to pant... it really does help a little with pain management. I just never expected to have to pant in order to put on my knickers!

I mentioned I've been doing some work with my Copics and here's a couple of things I would like to share today.

This was an entry into Conie Fong's monthly challenge. The illustration is one of hers and the challenge was to team it up with die cuts - so my SU stash came to the rescue.

I love the monochrome technique I used here and I'll probably use it again - I would love to hear what you think!

This is another of Conie's images and I used some SU items here too. If you fancy colouring this image and would like some guidance, Alyce (Kit and Clowder) has re-released her class where she teaches techniques to colour this and another image - one in Pencil and one Markers.

Check out the Facebook groups and websites to colour and buy the images (Discounted if you purchase the class!)

Conie Fong on Facebook -

Kit and Clowder on Facebook -

Conie's Etsy Store - 

Kit and Clowder -